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About Our Business

Why feed Raw

Feeding raw mimics the way dogs have eaten for millennia. It is often referred to as the ancestral diet and is formulated to include only foods that your dog would eat in the wild. No grains, No potatoes, No cheap fillers, No animal byproducts or feather meal, No synthetic chemicals and No processed foods, not only are we not adding a bunch of cheap junk to pet food but the ingredients that we do use are the most biologically appropriate, cl... Read more

Best Prepfree Raw Dog Food in Rochester

At Dee Oh Gee's Raw Dog Food, we know your pet is special – that’s why we believe they deserve the best. Based in Rochester, we tailor our food exactly to your pet’s individual needs to give them the healthiest diet possible. Our food is ethically-sourced, prepared fresh, nutritious and healthy – and available at a reasonable price. So if you think your best friend deserves the highest-quality food in their bowl.Contact us through our bookin... Read more

Affordable & Tasty

We believe that feeding your pet high-quality food shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg, so our products come at a range of affordable prices. We also think everything we feed our pets should be packed full of goodness, so we make our products from a combination of protein and plant-based ingredients. We promise your pet will love our delicious recipes – and you can rest easy knowing they contain no preservatives or artificial colors. Get in ... Read more