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Why feed Raw

Why feed Raw

Feeding raw mimics the way dogs have eaten for millennia. It is often referred to as the ancestral diet and is formulated to include only foods that your dog would eat in the wild. No grains, No potatoes, No cheap fillers, No animal byproducts or feather meal, No synthetic chemicals and No processed foods, not only are we not adding a bunch of cheap junk to pet food but the ingredients that we do use are the most biologically appropriate, clean and pure, responsibly sourced ingredients that we could find.

With pure animal meat, whole fish, organs and bones these ingredients are chosen for great taste and the long term health of your pets in mind.

Supplemental feeding with even just one serving of raw dog food a day has the potential to reduce bad breath, increase energy and stamina, help settle digestive problems, increase coat shine, reduce allergy symptoms, increased mobility in joints, and help to control body weight.

Our goal is to make the healthiest, most nutritious pet food available without any of the synthetic, laboratory made vitamins and minerals that highly processed pet food companies have to add to their products. This means that our recipes are not designed or intended to have 100% of all of your pet’s daily nutritional needs. Instead we see the benefits of feeding your pets the highest quality whole ingredients and managing nutritional needs over the course of time by routinely switching up recipes to ensure your pet eats a wide, varying and nutritious diet.

All pets are different and nutritional needs vary depending on breed, age, size, environment and level of daily activity.

For Feeding Dogs

We recommend that you feed your dog  2-3% of their body weight in raw food everyday.  For younger more active dogs or dogs that are growing and gaining weight we recommend staying closer to 3%. For older, less active or overweight dogs we recommend that you stay closer to 2%.  This equals about a ½ pound of food daily for every 25 pounds of body weight.  This can be adjusted up and down depending on your  individual dog’s needs. We also recommend that you split feedings into a morning and evening meal. So a 25 pound dog would eat a quarter pound of raw food for breakfast and a quarter pound of raw food for dinner.